Management Philosophy

Management Policy

Customer Satisfaction

Hyundai Corian sets customer satisfaction as its top-priority value.

As far as the special construction material·construction is concerned, selecting a specialized company is an important factor.
Hyundai Corian is equipped with excellent personnel and state-of-the-art facilities, and always inspects each product in detail.
Hyundai Corian promises to provide the best customer satisfaction and customer service at all times based on its strict quality management and thorough construction.

Company Motto

  • Leading by Example

  • Fulfillment of Responsibility

Hyundai Corian is capable of perfectly adapting to any types/kinds of order.

Hyundai Corian introduced Korea’s largest state-of-the-art automated facility, enhanced its mass-production system, developed diverse products, enhanced its product quality and realized the advancement of its interior space and sink plate.

If your company chooses to work with Hyundai Corian, your construction period will be decreased by 1/2, your profitability will be reinforced, and your interior quality will be enhanced. To do so, Hyundai Corian will supply high-quality products on time at a low price to greatly contribute to your company’s construction period reduction and cost reduction.

Hyundai Corian contains diverse products and promises to fulfill its responsibilities through supplying the best-quality products even when your order requires only a small quantity.